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10 tips for buying the best laptop.

10 tips for buying the best laptop or what is the best way to choose your next laptop?



Choosing a reliable and durable personal computer or laptops has become a very hard task for so many people today. Many keep asking the question “How do I choose a nice laptop, how do I know what to look for in a laptop, how do I get the perfect laptop for my work?”



Here are some of the most useful and essential tips to keep in mind while buying your laptop.


10 tips for buying the best laptop:


  • SIZE: preference in sizes differs from individual to another but sizes do not really matter in laptops as they hardly have any effect to the laptop processing speed or functionality but it is good for individuals to consider what sizes they actually need in a laptop. For example, a notebook with a smaller screen of about 12.5 – 13.3 inches in size and with a lightweight might appeal to you desire portability in a laptop.

 10 tips for buying the best laptop



  • BATTERY: you should consider the durability of your laptop’s battery before buying it – if you do not wish to plug it into the socket all the time. Nevertheless, your battery life is affected by your activities with the laptop. For instance, the screen resolution and brightness and when you stream many videos online. This drains your battery even faster.



  • RAM: the more RAM or laptop has, the higher it enables more application to run at a time. So if you are intending to get a laptop that will enable you to run multiple applications at the same time then you should consider a laptop with 4GB of RAM or even more.


10 tips for buying the best laptop



  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): this is another area that requires your consideration as it determines the effectiveness of your laptop as per the speed. The Intel’s core – based CPUs are not to be put aside while selecting your laptop. I mean, you have to choose between the core i3, i5, and i7; depending on your need – but if you need the best performance from your laptop, we advise you go for the core i7. There are other CPU brands available out there, such as AMD, but none matches the power and reliability that Intel offers.


10 tips for buying the best laptop


  • SCREEN RESOLUTION: if you will be using your laptop for video streaming and maybe some gaming too, then we advise you to go for laptops with maybe 1600 – by – 900-pixel resolution or 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution.


10 tips for buying the best laptop


  • KEYBOARD QUALITY: now, if you always spend much time on your laptop typing, then you must look for a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard. Your laptop should have a good palm rest to support your wrist and it should be a full – size keyboard. 



  • USB: again, you should consider buying laptops with more than two USB ports as it is necessary for the accommodation of other devices such as an external hard drive to help back up your user data from your laptop, or your phone charger. Everything is connected through a USB nowadays, thus you will require at least 3 USB ports.



  • SSD vs HDD: there has been a very high development in the laptops hard drive storage capacity recently. No matter the number of things you would like to store, there is a big difference between SSD and SATA HDD’s. If you are looking for that state of art technology, then an SSD is what you need. It provides better overall performances for your laptop like speed, space and more. HDD is an old type of disks and no one recommends them any longer.



  • THE BUILD: another thing you have to look out for while buying your laptop is the build quality. What is the quality of the build? Do you take your laptop out on the filed with you? If you work as a contractor or a military personnel you would likely go for a stronger laptop to minimize damage if it should fall to the ground.




  • BUDGET: the cost of laptop differs and we always advise that you work with your stipulated budget, but you can get a very nice and durable laptop for $300 and a higher definition between $900 to $1,500. Check out our chart below for latest laptops comparison.    



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This is our 10 tips for buying the best laptop, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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