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Antivirus – PAID version vs FREE version!

Paid antivirus vs free antivirus


Paid antivirus vs free antivirus question is something we all want an answer to. Is it better? Do we really need a paid antivirus or can we just use a free one? Well, the correct and honest answer is: “Yes, we need a paid one.”

From our personal experience, we can tell you that most of the software companies put a lot of time and effort in order to develop a security software to protect you and your personal documents from hackers and other online threats.

However, if they fail they will tell you that no solution can offer you a 100% protection. Truth be told, no one can promise you that, but even so, there are some companies who get close to a 90% success rate when it comes to protecting your computing devices and offering you the necessary peace of mind. 

If you would like to take a deep dive into who those companies are and how do we review them, check out our articles section here for the weekly update.

7 Reasons why any paid antivirus is better than a free one.



1) Virus detection rate.

How good is it? Does the paid Antivirus detection rate is better than the free Antivirus’s one? It should because of the features running. The paid Antivirus will have more features running than the free one, thus making it easier to detect threats.


2) Customer support availability and quality!

Trust us, when we tell you that the so-called ‘techs’ can treat customers based on their subscriptions, meaning that newer customers might receive a less welcoming treatment as opposed to older ones, so don’t expect any fast-time resolution if you have a trial Antivirus version or if you just purchased a subscription.


3) Free Antivirus version does not offer full mode protection.

Well, after all, a paid antivirus should offer something more than a free one. That means most likely you will not benefit from all its features, so find out what features the paid subscription include.


4) Remote Support Assistance.

When the ‘techie’ takes control of your computer to fix the issue for you.

Let’s face it if you were a technical person you wouldn’t be contacting them, so it’s good to have someone who can fix your issues while you enjoy your coffee! Most Antivirus companies offer this feature as part of their subscription, those asking for more money to assist you remotely are probably not what you want.


5) Real-Time Protection.

Almost all PAID versions of Antivirus solutions offer real-time protection, meaning that every time you run (execute) a file or by installing a piece of software, the engine scans the file for malware and viruses, thus giving you the so-called “real-time protection”.

Think of it as a real-time monitor of your computer, meaning that every action you take on the PC is carefully scanned and monitored by the Antivirus software.


6) Multi-licencing.

Let’s say you want to protect your laptop and your phone using the same Antivirus software. Purchasing a single multi-licensing subscription should do it. However, keep in mind that there are companies out there, that might want from you to purchase more than 1 subscription in order to cover multiple devices, so if that’s the case steer away from them.


7) Daily updates releases.

The final reason for which a paid antivirus is better than a free one is represented by the update factor. How often does the paid one get updates vs the free one? Some companies out there do not offer daily update releases and that should make you consider looking for another paid Antivirus solution.



The best way to know that your Antivirus is doing the job right is to make sure that it offers the features mentioned above.


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