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Adware removal guide – FREE version

Online computer tips and tricks – Adware removal guide FREE version

Hello guys and welcome to another article here at Healcomputer. Today we will show you our Adware removal guide FREE version.

How do we define adware? 

  • An advertising-supported piece of software designed to automatically deliver ads on the target’s computer.
  • Adware installs itself with some versions of legitimate software.
  • They design adware to only deliver advertisements but it is also common for adware to bundle itself with spyware.

Our first online computer tip of the day is |Adware removal guide FREE version|.

How to remove adware from your computer or any other PUP (Potential unwanted program) for free:

  • Download and Install ADWCleaner from this link. ADWCleaner tool was recently purchased by Malwarebytes.

  • Run the application then press the “scan” button for the application to initiate the scanning process.

  • After the scan is completed you will have to select all the found entries.

  • Right-click on the found list and make sure to click “select all”.

  • Now click on the “remove / clean” button and allow the application to remove all the found files.

  • The ADWCLEANER tool will restart your computer so make sure to save all your files/data before you press the “delete/remove/clean” button at the end of the scan process.

There you have it guys, Adware removal guide FREE version! The first part of the online computer tips and tricks section. Leave your comments and suggestions in the section below and if you have any questions please feel free to ask and we will provide you with an answer right away!

Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. We will try to reply to everyone of you and help you as much as we can!

Thank you!

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